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Before and After

Our Leawood Rejuvenation Dentistry Patients

alex - bioesthetic rejuvenation
This patient wanted to correct bite and dental problems and was treated with R-1 Rejuvenation.

richard - bioesthetic rejuvenation
This patient had severely worn teeth and jaw asymmetries. He was treated with R-1 and R-2 Rejuvenation.

suzanne - bioesthetic rejuvenation
This patient had obstructive sleep apnea and other treatments for airway issues were unsuccessful. The apnea problems were successfully treated with bite splint therapy and R-2 Rejuvenation.

wanda - bioesthetic rejuvenation
This patient had degenerative jaw changes and significant tooth ware. She was treated with R-1 Rejuvenation to restore health to her chewing system and promote healing in her jaw.

amy - bioesthetic bonding
This patient presented with a painful jaw that would click and pop when she would open, it would lock in place and she had worn, short teeth from clinching and grinding. We put her through C2O splint therapy and restored her with minimally invasive rejuvenation bonding.

clark - bioesthetic rejuvenation
This patient had teeth that were worn down and wanted to have his teeth and bite fixed. He was treated with R-2 Rejuvenation.