Can Pregnant or Nursing Women use Whitening Trays?

added on: October 14, 2014


Recently we have been asked many questions regarding teeth whitening in pregnant or nursing women. Studies have shown over time that teeth whitening is safe and effective however, there is no scientific data tested on pregnant or nursing women. At Dental Health by Herre, we take the position that teeth whitening should wait until after pregnancy and nursing.

We contacted Ultradent, our whitening provider of Opalescence, and received the following:

Women who are pregnant, nursing, or undergoing fertility treatment should not whiten their teeth. Though safe for adults, “there’s so much we don’t know about how substances affect babies during pregnancy. It’s wise to avoid teeth whitening products.”

Dr. Dan Fischer explains:

“There will probably never be any human study review board who will authorize studies on lactating women. That being said, over the years we’ve learned that humans, even different than other mammals, produce peroxidase even in the saliva, which starts the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide. Additionally, peroxide breaks down readily in the stomach. Logic does not support the idea that peroxide would survive in the oral cavity, then the stomach, pass to the blood stream and move to the mammary glands.”

At Ultradent, while we recommend that pregnant women do not use Opalescence or any other whitening product, we don’t have an official stance for nursing women.

Dr. Dan Fischer is the founder and president of Ultradent Products, Inc., a dental manufacturer with a 30-year history of innovation and quality.

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